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In view of the strategic importance of “Human Intellectual Capital and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)” as key drivers for long-term economic growth, sustainability, job creation, wealth accumulation and prosperity of most developed and developing nations, and in light of today’s complex, competitive and fast moving business environment, CFO Mind Pro has developed the “CFO Mind Pro – Financial Statements Reporting, Ratios Analysis and Performance Measurement Application”  as an advanced and effective Business Intelligence tool that delivers “Performance, Functionality, Simplicity and Knowledge”, in one Excel File at a great “Value for Money” with the main objectives of:

  • Empowering decision-makers and financial experts in SMEs from diverse industries globally as well as students in universities in making more effective business decisions that would create value and achieve superior financial performance and returns for the companies under their management;
  • Having full control and transparency over the companies’ financial and operational performance;
  • Creating and maximizing shareholders’ value through improvements in systems standardization, financial performance interpretation, budgeting and forecasting models, investment and financing decisions, SWOT analysis, communication effectiveness, stakeholders’ relationship management and company value;
  • Being able to practically implement these Financial Applications which complement the financial data generated from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting softwares, and to customize them to SMEs in global markets, in diverse industries with different companies’ activities and under different legal company formations, thus giving full flexibility to the beneficiaries and users to amend any report as per each company’s specific reporting and analytical requirements; and
  • Developing  human capital knowledge, skills and abilities in financial reporting and analysis of companies, computer skills in Excel for increased work productivity and professional development.

We are pleased to provide our products and services to the decision-makers and students directly through our website and through strategic alliances with government institutions, public and private universities, financial institutions, education foundations, private organizations, high net worth individuals and other strategic partners.

Yours sincerely,


Dany B. Berbari
Founder & CEO


Our vision at CFO Mind Pro is to create value, improve decision-making and achieve superior financial returns to everyone we serve.


CFO Mind Pro‘s mission is to empower decision-makers and financial experts in SMEs from diverse industries globally as well as students in universities with innovative strategic financial management applications that deliver “Performance, Functionality, Simplicity and Knowledge” at a great “Value for Money” …
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| Added Value


Value for Money

  •   Competitive Price
  •   R & D Cost Saving
  •   Unlimited Usage



  •   Advanced Reporting and Analysis
  •   Effectiveness and Efficiency



  •   Reliability
  •   Compatibility
  •   Value Creation



  •   Easy Usage
  •   Ease of Customization and Flexibility
  •   Simple and Quick Implementation



  •   Professional Development

The recommended beneficiaries and users of the Financial Applications are mainly:
 Decision-makers and Financial Experts in SMEs

Decision-makers and financial experts in SMEs such as shareholders, board of directors, CXOs (CEOs, CFOs, and others), directors and managers of different business units and departments, as well as financial analysts, investment analysts, credit analysts and other financial and accounting experts.

 Students in Universities

Students in universities at the graduate and undergraduate levels with finance, accounting, and business management specializations, having intermediate computer spreadsheet skills, in addition to students specializing in other majors where such strategic financial management applications would be required in their career.

The Financial Applications could be implemented to diverse industries with different companies’ activities such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail, trading and delivery of products and services.

Such industries are, but not limited to: Agriculture, Construction (contracting, building materials), Department Stores, Education (universities, technical institutes, schools), Electronics, Energy (power and utility), Fashion, FMCG, Foodservice (food and beverage, food manufacturing, food processing, restaurants, caterers), Healthcare (hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, medical equipment and supplies), Information Technology (computers, e-commerce, internet), Insurance (insurers, reinsurers, brokers), Legal (law firms), Media & Advertising (media, advertising, public relations, marketing), Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Sport, Transport (automotive, shipping, airline, spare parts), Telecommunications and Textile.

CFO Mind Pro has summarized the strategic finance cycle and key finance functions for an effective finance department in SMEs:


Financial Planning


Investment Decisions


Financing Decisions


Financial Reporting


Financial Analysis


Financial Risk Management


Financial Systems


Financial Consulting


Financial Relationship Management


Finance Department


Finance Function Evaluation

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